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Hacking : Pubgm Hack on Official Emulator
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Im following your blog for last many years and one of the routine user.

Today I want to make a request relating a program.

Im looking for a PUBGM hack which can work on pubgm official emulator.

Can you provide me anyone of that with guide to use?

Looking for your positive response. :)

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Glad that you are a regular user ...

Mods and Hacking Apps are not very new , but at times the modding industry is dodgy with what they do by having backdoors in their mods / hack apps .. PUBG Mods are mostly the one with doubtful releases , but as you have asked for the Mods , I will share some link but I would really request to be careful and use on your own risk ....and secondly You will be eventually banned by using anti-cheat measures of PUBG .

PUBG is very active when it comes to banning those who use cheats and I like that ;)

PUBG MOD 0.9.5 : PUBG 02.12-095.rar

No Recoil Mod : no-recoil.rar

If you want to just check it out in training area , its fine ..I suggest play fair :)

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