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No screensaver or watchface app working on my Z01 smartwatch android 4.2.2. It doesn't connect qith android wear app. Only connects phone with droid watch app.

I m not an IT expert. So if u can help with some easy way to update system software or anyhow any app to get some screensaver or watchface to be installed 


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Z01 Smartwatch is a clone from "DW08" which is by a Chinese company called something like DCool.Unfortunately you have very limited options and you wont be able to connect to Android Wear , as it needs minimum 4.3 while your watch is on 4.2.2 .

How to Install Watchfaces on Z01 Smartwatch

I would say to not invest more time and money on this watch , as the development has stopped even at various hack / mod forums ... although you can install them through Google Play Store , from limited ones...
You can install APK files directly on the watch to get you going ... 
See this XDA Link which lists some working Apps
Can you kindly show me the watch front and back so I am certain its Z01 ? because these chinese clones are at times are made clones out of clones 
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Its android 4.4.2 ZC01
Sorry but I cuoldnt find anything of that sort , which might be of help ..honestly I can not even find this watch version online..all very confusing
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