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After trying to search in OneSignal Documents / online and not finding any answer , I am here to seek support

- Have setup OneSignal on Wordpress using the Plugin and it all seemed to work.
- But recently 2-3 weeks or so i was not getting any notification on my own device (pc / android) while having around 21.1k subscribers 
- Earlier I thought it was my own device so I asked 2 friends to subscribe , one did on a PC while another on android , and they didn't get any push notification when the article was submitted 
- I add my Player ID as test and sent a test notification I didn't get that either while the dashboard showed 100% delivery
- My posts which i publish on blog do end up on the Delivery along with saying 100% , but I am certain they are not being delivered

I have set the APIs and as i said notifications worked in past and even today blog post is being shown in delivery with 100% rate ,thus there is something off thus I seek your help

I just need guidance to get One Signal Push Notifications Fixed

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1 Answer


When a notification shows as "Delivered" on OneSignal system but does not appear on the screen, it is usually due to a networking issue or the device is not actually subscribed.

If you have a working internet connection and are subscribed to push, please see Notifications not shown guide for other reasons this can occur:

[Fix] OneSignal Push Notifications Issue

One Signal issues with Progressive Web Apps.

PWA is creating issues while subscrinbing to the push notifications.

The service workers required for PWAs can cause issues with One Signal.

Please check guide on how to use OneSignal on a PWA with an existing service worker: 

OneSignal Push Notifications and PWA

I am using PWA for WP and AMP plugin , and it offers a OneSignal Compatibility option under advanced settings , to use that you will have to select "use on json manifest" in One Signal , that would mean that One Signal will stop using the already registered users on push notifications , so if you have been using OneSignal and have a following like I do , it will not be viable

Use PWA without messing up OneSignal Push ? 

As of now there is no option to disable service worker of PWA thus using OneSignal along with PWA is currently not an option and I had to disable PWA just so OneSignal Keeps working. You may leave a support ticket on the plugin Support Tab
Conclusion : PWA Plugin can not be used along with OneSignal Push Notification Plugin 
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