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How can I play PUBG Lite from anywhere in the World ?

As currently the game only works in limited countries and I am not in those countries ?

Is it possible to play PUBG outside Thailand ?
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1 Answer


PUBG LITE is currently supported in limited countries and it might take time before PUBG allows worldwide access to PUBG LITE. Although if you want to play PUBG Lite from outside of Thailand it is very easy to do so , just keep reading 

How to Play PUBG LITE Worldwide

Just follow these steps to start playing PUBG Lite

1. Open 
2. Make a new account on this page
3. Download PUBG PC lite installer from Official Download Link . The size of the file is 61MB
4. Install the PUBG Lite file
5. Open it and login with the account you previously made on pubg's official page in step 2

6. It will say that it is not supported in your region. (if you are not in Thailand), No worried just close the installer
7. Change your time zone to (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
8. Set time zone automatically option to off
9. Select your Country or region as Thailand
10. Download SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Client Plug-in.

11. Extract all the files from above zip
12. Install the setup [ Select SoftEther VPN Client during Components Selections ]
13. Run SoftEther VPN Client Manager
14. Double click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers
15. Click on Region to sort out the countries/regions

16. Find Thailand servers
17. Double click on the server with good ping, line speed and uptime
18. Press Agree 
19. Check your location from Google by typing whatismyip
20. If your location is anywhere near Thailand now you can open pubg lite

21. Login again
22. Download the update. After you've done this enjoy the game :)

Note: Before playing pubg PC lite always use VPN and change your location to Thailand otherwise game will not run.

Hope this Helps you in playing PUBG PC Lite

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