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I got this email


We spend third part of our lives at work. How to spend this time with benefit?

You can grow bitcoins by 10% spending 5 minutes a day!
Quicker than a cup of coffee increases bitcoins by 10% in 48 hours.
You will automatically make a profit on your bitcoin wallet.

Start participating and make a profit!
Guaranteed by the blockchain technology!

S0 my question is : is a scam or legit ?

The reason for explaining something obvious for some is because people do fall for such scams and sharing it here might help some , if people Google this before making investment in such scam sites

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Well , I get emails and I asked the question so I could share it with the WORLD and save people from getting caught , because I get so many emails like

Is / a Scam ? 

Well , It gives 10% profit per day on the amount you sent to their "system" wallet and a 5% referral bonus. 

Well its not even an MLM scheme, its a simple scam where you will not get anything , and it is a SCAM and stay away from such sites.

When I opened the site , I was prompted with a "How may I help you " message and I started off gathering info , enjoy the chat below to see how lame those running it are and desperate aswell .


I couldn't come up with anything other then "by not scamming us " , but i liked the confident of Nicolas from some call centre in India ...

enjoy the chat below 

Nicolas : Hi! How can I help you?

by not scamming us maybe :)

Nicolas : Try it you will get profit 

well , I have busted some so-called legit coins and exchanges .. you can read about it on i was about to write about this site and write what I know it is ..well if its so profitable , lend me some BTC and I will return your amount after 10 days from the profit .. right ?

Nicolas : Are you asking me to borrow money?))

well ofcourse there aren't any ..anyway which are company BTC wallets ?and any official statement of the website how you "manage" 10% profit per day ?

Nicolas : This is a decentralized community of crypto enthusiasts. You can try. It is not difficult!

there is no community which i can see .. but i have 1 question , how it makes 10 percent profit per day ?

Nicolas : by making donations of other member 

great, so one member donates 10% of his share to another member ?and why they donate ?and referral bonuses are also paid through other members ?

Nicolas : yes because they are bitcoin enthusiasts 

bitcoin enthusiasts so they give out their bitcoins ?names of such "bitcoin enthusiasts" ? or their wallets which i can see on blockchain ? paying out 10% daily

Nicolas : hm ok, wait, 14yh82tpyU2SFFatvh5hMCHZPiawd3WHEk 

so this enthusiast made his wallet in 2019 , had only 0.18 BTC and is empty now , so how will he donate 10 percent from tomorrow ?

Nicolas : You can donate from any wallet to the system wallet after 2 days you automatically get +10% to the wallet you registered with! This is personal office. Studying will takes 2 minutes and you will understand how genius is it! mynimal donation is 0.0025  Tou can try to understend how it works

the TxIDs given do not match with the wallet address or amount mentioned

Nicolas : see how it works whan you make a registration with your btc address system gives you system addres associated only with you If bitcoins are transferred to your system wallet, then in 2 days the system will return to you + 10% automatically to the wallet with which you registered

but the link yhou sent , the system wallet DID Not sent anything back to the associated wallet

Nicolas : Yes. system wallet do not send it it goes from another wallets

Lets believe it what you say .. even then there is NO matching TxID with above mentioned wallet corresponding with the link you sent

Nicolas : You can't compare obvious things. Now I will show an example more understandable.

cant compare TxIDs ? well i thought we could compare them .. show

Afterwards he sent me more Links of accounts of actual people who fell for this service


These accounts might even have TxIDs because its a typical scam art play , you send money from other people who fell for it so that they keep promoting the services and let your con-empire build followed by : EXIT

The support guy even gave me the offer to write about this scam ? , innocence ? 

Always stay alert and do not fall for such scams , any person or site which tells you that they will give you x percent of profit daily or weekly or whatever is SCAM , I have shared many resources which can guide you in the right direction...

Educate yourself and your friends

BTC Worried Scammer

Well I am about going to 'wright' the reality what you guys are 

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I want everyone to know this site is legit so don't let these other guys tell you it is a scam cause I'm a member of this site and I'm making money period.
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