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is there a way to get database of ? and how to know who is running that site?
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Access Database of a Website 

First of all if the above mentioned website is not yours ,you are not allowed to exploit it.but for educational purposes ill explain but please note IT IS ILLEGAL TO PENTEST A WEBSITE WITHOUT CONSENT.
See this detailed discussion on how to access databases using SQLMap :

Find Website Owner 

There are many ways to find the same , a simpler technique is to find the site owner with the WHO IS info  (
but some owners hide this info in such cases you need to employ OSINT techniques , if you are not good with that you can hire someone to do the same. Hackology does provide this as a service aswell (
Hope it helps !!!

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Thank you for your answer ! but what should i do if the website is not vulnerable.

The reason for  access to database of above mentioned website is to remove personal information of my  mobile number (Cnic , address , name , etc ) anyone can search easily from the website.

website is illegal and it has no right to contain sensitive information of millions of peoples.
Please report to your local Authorities , and in your case it might be FIA : .

Hope this helps and yes its Illegal what they are doing ..but it would require time and effort to bring em down ..maybe contact again if the above link doesnt help you
ok i will report this to FIA, thank you for your help!
I think it might be down in your place by now ..
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