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I know the parts of Password but i don't remember the sequence ! i tried using some programs but they didn't work ...

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Someone asked me these on Hackology FB Page , 

Available options : John the Ripper, ElcomSoft, Parallel Password Recovery

Techniques : 
- Brute-force attack
- Dictionary attack
- Biham-Kocher attack (this attack is possible when you have part of the text)
- Stay attack (also plaintext based) 

if you used a recent winzip (which is suspected since you encrypted this last year), the encryption is AES with a 128 or 256 bit key. This means you can do nothing more but try a bruteforce attack.

As you mentioned you know part of the password , therefore you may try Kimci86/BKcrack which utilizes the Biham-Kocher Attack

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yeah that "someone" was me ! well thank you for your help!!
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hahaha well welcome
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