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I know the parts of Password but i don't remember the sequence ! i tried using some programs but they didn't work ...
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Freeware is essentially free software and is typically distributed over the Internet. Tools like PicoZip password recovery can help you recover your zip file password easily and painlessly. It's a great utility, but it is best used alongside the premium compression tool of the same name.

There are two versions you can download: one with a dictionary and one without, depending on what you need it for. For quick password recovery, you can download and install the lighter version. However, this program has not been updated for years so it takes much time to crack a zip with the latest zip algorithm implementation. So if the program wouldn't find the password within 24 hours, you should give it up and move to the next section for faster password recovery.

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Someone asked me these on Hackology FB Page , 

Available options : John the Ripper, ElcomSoft, Parallel Password Recovery

Techniques : 
- Brute-force attack
- Dictionary attack
- Biham-Kocher attack (this attack is possible when you have part of the text)
- Stay attack (also plaintext based) 

if you used a recent winzip (which is suspected since you encrypted this last year), the encryption is AES with a 128 or 256 bit key. This means you can do nothing more but try a bruteforce attack.

As you mentioned you know part of the password , therefore you may try Kimci86/BKcrack which utilizes the Biham-Kocher Attack

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yeah that "someone" was me ! well thank you for your help!!
hahaha well welcome
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