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hello ! where to buy TP-LINK TL-WN722N  VERSION 1 ? i coudn't find it in market / online stores. Only version 2 available in market.

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In case you have bought TP-LINK TL-WN722N  VERSION 2 and you are facing the similar issue that it can not get into monitor mode , you may have a fix to it. All you need to do is install this kernel [ https://github.com/mfruba/kernel ] and once you do it , you will be able to enter monitor mode [ 

# iwconfig wlan0 mode Monitor

V1 is a very old device and not easily found on the market , a very decent alternative is Alfa devices which work fine with various InfoSec OS

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which WiFi adapter do you recommend ?
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Alfa AWUS036NH
Panda PAU05
Panda PAU09
Alfa AWUS051NH

Atheros AR9271
Ralink RT3070
Ralink RT3572
Ralink RT5572
Realtek RTL8812AU
Ralink RT5370N

all would fulfill all your hacking needs
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NONE of them available in the Market :(   (Quetta)

any online store where i can buy one of these?
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sorry i wont be able to help there , you can search with tech stores in google .. it might show you a few
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