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Website : is this bot really works ?
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is there any way to get more views and subscribers through bots? (youtube)


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Yes there are many such view bots which work. while the one you shared will be running on your own machine or an RDP and it will be constantly viewing the video again and again , which will increase your views count ... How quickly youtube will detect the invalid activity is unknown but it most certainly will.

Generally it is good to have organic means of increasing views and subscribers.

you can see services which give such options but again it is against the ToS of Youtube and might land your channel in a perm ban
hmmm... but i heard rumors about t series using sub bots if those rumors are true then why youtube didnt take any action against them.

my idea behind using these  bots is to increase views (fake) at first so youtube will notice the video, then overtime it will rank higher at YT and google. i do not need to run bot forever
T-Series is currently the No 1 Youtube Channel ... [ It should have been Pewdiepie ;) ] so if they fake a few views it wouldn't matter as they already have millions on every video.

If you want to risk it you may start with little bit of views off and on
hmmm so i can use this bot https://github.com/DeBos99/ytviewer ?

Yeah it should have been pewdiepie...!
yes you can ...
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