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i followed every single step of abdul Raziq Guide to make 50k likes on page ( i successfully created page 3k likes and followers :) ..... i was really happy but when i logged on next day fb asked for photo verification :3 uploaded fake pic and then after 2 days i got message that they disabled my id :3 after this horrible exp i created another id & this time i didnt send any request to anyone because i thought that previously my mistake was sending too many request per day thats why they disabled my id because of suspicious activity. so i joined many groups :D got so many FR i accepted all then again i created page etc....but  fb asked again for  photo verification i gave them my photo because i made this account 100% orignial but yesterday when i logged in Fb disabled my id again :3
so dr hack tell me is there anyway to bypass those checkpoints ???? i need fb page because i want to direct my fb audience to my youtube channel to get real organic views / subs
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Hi Feridi,

Glad you followed through the guide, FB is nowadays very strict and they recently crackdown on Fake IDs.

For staying safe, I'd recommend keeping it slow.

Don't join too many groups altogether , don't accept too many requests at once, don't do anything too much.

For example when you join groups, send a request to some group then wait for some time and send another request, same with accepting requests.
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hmmm ok i will try again.
thanks for updating us
UPDATE : i successfully created another Page (but not fake id)
(may 18 - may 28) Daily 40-50 friends Now i have page with 500+ followers & likes
13days left in these days i will make more friends & i will migrate them to my page .
Target is 1500-2000 followers Ya i know its not that much like 50k :P but something is better than nothing.

just follow above mentioned   (Hax 0x01) steps ... you can make more followers and like as much as you want.
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