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 i dont have big sum to invest in cryptos but enough for new upcoming icos !!!

NXT (598,000 Percent ROI)

IOTA (226,000 Percent ROI)

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I do not recommend any new Cryptocurrency and especially ICOs ... ICO are mostly not stable and scams .. Again I have shared about various scams and ICO's on Cryptocurrency section of the blog.

If you see the various Guides I have written you would know what I am saying and the risks involved. The ROI you have shared is wrong and is not factual , the $33 investment would give you 33% Staking Reward annually.It's the worked out average.

You can see Staking rewards and minimum amount required to stake on StakingRewards . But do not fall for whatever you see, always cross reference what you see.

I would recommend buying Bitcoin and if you can manage to Day Trade do that.

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thanks !!! Right now bitcoin is too high for my range :P
oh thanks you saved me from scammers because i was planning to invest in ICOS
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