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my friends talking about future of these cryptos they told me that there is huge potential in these cryptos. what do you think about these cryptos?

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As a result, over 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail and their investors will lose money. The other 5% of projects will become the new Apple, Google or Alibaba in the cryptoindustry. Will KIN be among those 5%? 

KIN Cryptocurrency Review

Good probability of that happening.
The Kik company is very balanced in their approach to the 3 most important dimensions of every crypto project: technology development, forging business partnerships and community fostering. 
KIN has one major advantage over all other cryptocurrency projects: its parent company KIK has a huge active user group already in place, which is a huge plus for the coin in terms of usage. There are several social media blockchain startups, but none of them have large user bases, or even a working product at this time. 
If KIN and Kik manage to build an ecosystem that will combine a rare trait for a crypto project, great user experience on one side and meaningful use of cryptocurrencies on the other, that will be a huge step forward for the whole crypto industry. 
While some of the motivation in creating this token was certainly financial, it does seek to work with the gamification aspect that comes with social media. KIN could certainly be on to something, but will need to be more aggressive in spreading to other apps beyond Kik to become extremely successful.

Why will KIN succeed?

So what can make KIN price rise and go up? Well, Kin is designed for the real end users of consumer apps making it one of the least dependent crypto projects on the bitcoin success or failure. Kik and its ecosystem of apps already have a solid user base and KIN fits perfectly for their digital native, young demographics. 
Whether it be games, or surveys, or videos, or other tasks we haven’t come up with yet, people getting compensated for their time is what will make Kin a success.

Why will KIN fail?

Perhaps the biggest peril for KIN future is its regulatory status. They ran into trouble with the SEC, which has said most tokens issued in ICOs could be considered investment securities. The SEC isn’t accusing Kik of fraud, Kik CEO Ted Livingston told the Wall Street Journal. Rather, its enforcement division believes Kik failed to register the sale with the SEC and thus didn’t give investors the proper information. KIK decided to go in a legal battle with SEC on this one and the outcome will have a big impact, not only on KIN, but on a lot of other projects as well.

Can KIN reach 10 cents or $1?

Almost impossible. Considering the stupendous total supply of 10 trillion tokens, KIN would need to become a global reserve currency for it to reach this price per token. Much lower figures like 1 or 10 cents are a steep climb, $1 per token is borderline lunacy.

OMG Cryptocurrency Review

OMG or OmiseGo is a legit coin and has good backing and if alt-coins do good this coin has potential although no one can predict the future of price and if it will fluctuate or stay at a certain point, but as for the technology - it is legit.

ICX Cryptocurrency Review

ICON or ICX hasn't shown much strength in their claims .. but it is not a scam
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