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hi , what do you think about this ICO https://www.monart.art

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I was going into it and thinking that it might be a decent thing , because they have spent alot of money by getting their article on Forbes which followed by few other sites reporting on it.

Monart ICO is a SCAM ?

While reading their article published by their own account on medium , I noticed they shared a Youtube Video where they won the so called and if you notice , the title says "Interview" while the founder was holding the microphone in his hand and I could not see a single person. Doesn't it seem weird ? 

Monart ICO would turn out to be another SHIT COIN as far as I can see.

Do not go for ICO's

well you're right  .... ICO's are mostly Scam to get money..... i think i should invest in XRP or bitcoin :|
best of luck with that  :)
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