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how to use paypal in pakistan , ? is there any way to use paypal?
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Hello Feridi ... 

You ask alot of questions and I like that :D 

How to use PayPal in any country where it is not supported ? 

Officially you can NOT use PayPal in any country where PayPal doesn't support. PayPal even says that if you are using their services which you obtained through any method (2 i will list ) it is against their ToS and they might close your account.

So there are two sort of hacks to use PayPal 

  1. Online Account Sellers : Online many groups etc are selling Paypal services as in they would either give you virtual CC , number and a bank of a supported company but that has it issues. You will have no financial control of such account and it is at the mercy of the company if they find it out they will close the account and you may end up losing alot of money. I do not recommend this method.
  2. Friend and Family : If you have someone abroad you can ask them to make a paypal account if they dont already have or you can ask them to allow you to use it. Again it is against Paypal ToS but many people have been using , this way you have a legit account.
If you want to get a payment or make a payment through paypal , kind of one time , you can email me and I can help you get it sorted. Hope it helps
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ahh ok i will try the opt 2. by the way thanks & i appreciate your help.
As far as  I know, Pakistan is allowed to use PP. You should register yourself with an email account on PP.
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