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Hello !

I'm very need help with get SS7 access. How can I get SS7 access ?

I need this for  my research. I'm plan to get additional degree and plan work with SS7  for my exam work.

I'm ready to pay 50-100$ for the help.

Big Thank You !!!
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1 Answer


Please email me the research work you have going on with sigtran protocol : has the contact form for that. Followed by the thank you tip and let see where we go from there

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I want to write a thesis in which the example will be able to show how it is possible to intercept sms using SS7. But I do not know how to do it and the level of programming I lack. So I need the help of someone who can give me access to the necessary software.

I found an example of where details are written but the manual that it mentioned could not get on the forum where you can get it, I'm talking about this article.

Dr-Hack, please, can you help me ?
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