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RGB Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days. I remember exactly, what was once a throwback piece of technology that was only desired by hardcore gamers and the nostalgic has now become one of the most expensive, high-quality keyboard types you can find. Weird but true 

Affordable RGB Mechanical Keyboards in Pakistan

You can find many good online stores which can give you a good buy , I would recommend that you get one from Amazon , the all rounder RGB Mechanical Keyboard is the Corsair Gaming K55 and it costs $49.99 , affordable and most decent gaming experience

Few Local stores of your Area are Home Shopping - RGB Mechanical Keyboards , GT Store - Gaming Keyboards

Tips while buying RGB Mechanical Keyboard 

The Terms : Know the differences in Feels, Switches etc
  • Feels is the term used for the physical switches and they vary as how they feel.
  • Switches are what provides the tactile response when typing, and it also influences both the amount of pressure needed to press down and the noise produced.
  • "X" Percent Keyboards is generally the size of the keyboard which also indicates how many features are on the said keyboard
  • Bump is the tactical feedback you get once you press the key
  • Travel Distance is the distance a key covers once its pressed from the rest position until fully pressed
  • Click Sound is the sound made when a key is fully pressed

How you will use your RGB Mechanical Keyboard

If you are a writer you might look for a Keyboard which has less travel distance while gamers prefer higher travel distance and enjoy the Bump and Click Sound. You should test out a few before you try 

Is your RGB Keyboard worth all the money ?

You need to ask yourself few questions before you buy one. Is it worthy to buy very expensive piece or something low end will  work, do you want it to last a decade or not. Gamers usually look for reliability and long endurance

Noise Level Acceptance

This is something you will need to physically check before you find your preferred noise level. Writers generally enjoy a higher noise level.

Switch Selection

The best part is the switches on a Mechanical Keyboard, I will save the time and simply tell you to always look for Cherry MX. As Cherry MX is the most popular combination by far.  Blue, Black Brown are the classifications 


Stick to popular brands just like the one I shared above.
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Cosair k55 rgb keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard its a normal memberane keyboard....actually im just a fan of rgb technology they are using....can u suggest me normal rgb keyboards which are at an easy  approch other than cosair

No Cosair K55 is not a memberane keyboard , its a simple RGB keyboard.

If you need something more simple and cheap you may try : DBPower RGB Keyboard

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