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i am free for 6 months , i want to learn more about kali linux application /howtouse , parrot os , i saw hundreds of tutorials on youtube about hacking (wifi,websites,backdoors) they all are just time wasting videos, i want to learn real thing from scratch, is there any website / blog / forum etc you know where i can start from? which you recommend ? well i am not interested in evil HACKING stuff , just want to enter in this whole amazing world :D

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I am self-taught and I learned everything from the internet by reading and practicing ..

you can see Hackology Archive Forums : , it is a static copy now so you will need to use google search dorks to get to the right thing.

Maybe you can work your way on sql injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and join bug bounty programs to get started. or find weaknesses in website and report them so they may get fixed and some may even give you a thank you tip.

But the internet has everything, useful aswell.

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