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Utopia Client offers a 'Mining Bot' feature as explained in detail along with all other features in my Utopia - Revolutionary Decentralized p2p Ecosystem.

I want to run the mining bot on a new system so i can add a routing point to the network and make more crypton (CRP) but I do not want to install the complete Utopia Client.

How do i just run the mining bot on windows without installing Utopia Client

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amazing and easy explanation of setup of mining bots, now I can create as many as I want to give power to my mining capacity.

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It is possible to run only the utopia mining bot without installing the complete Utopia client. You can achieve the same by following these simple steps.

A bot is a special program that automatically performs a certain task. Utopia mining bots work exactly the same way as the Utopia client, but without GUI components.
The purpose of Utopia Mining Bots is to promote the stability of ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections and providing additional storage.

You will receive Cryptons as long as your bot is online.

To use mining bot and receive Cryptons you need to have a stable Internet connection and at least 2 GB of RAM per one bot. Only 1 bot can run per machine, while your utopia client is mining - you can not run another mining bot.

Utopia Mining Bot

  • In Windows client of Utopia go to Tools > Mining Bots... > Start Bot > "Open Folder" under the "Choose an operating system" 
  • Copy utopia_bot.exe along with the following dependencies :
    • Qt5Concurrent.dll
    • Qt5core.dll
    • Qt5network.dll
    • Qt5Sql.dll
    • msvcp140.dll
    • vcruntime140.dll
  • Paste all these 7 files on the system where you want to run Utopia mining bot to mine cryptons.

Run Utopia Mining Bot without Full Client

If you only copy utopia_bot.exe , it will fail to run because of missing dependencies as mentioned above.

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