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A user with nickname CryptoVires in Utopia Chat Lobby asked 

Guys i would like to create a conf file so that i could launch the utopia-bot byt double clicking it, instead of launching Powershell

What he wanted to achieve was , that if there is a way through which one can create a bat /conf file and we just double click that file and the utopia bot will start running 

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This can be achieved by creating a short cut of utopia_bot.exe.

Create Shortcut of Utopia_Bot.exe

  1. Open folder location where Utopia is installed
  2. Right click on utopia_bot.exe and select Send toDesktop (create shortcut)
  3. On Desktop right click on the newly created shortcut and go to Properties
  4. Edit the Target field add the following at the end of already entered file location " \k --token [Mining token]"
  5. Hit Ok 
  6. Double click the short cut and your mining would start with your entered Token

Suppose that you have installed Utopia in default file location, the Target field of the shortcut would become :

"C:\Program Files\Utopia\utopia_bot.exe" /k --token 1E1839487C87EAC368DAF51F6A92A893

Hope this helps 

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