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Using .net need to capture following information of a person logging into a portal

MAC Address - that can be used if a trap is there (need code and demo of trap working)

Host name of the system used to log in to portal

External IP address

External IP Address in case of VPN - How to trace it back to original external IP source?

Local IP address of the system being used to log in
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- Logging Mac Address : You can not log mac address of a visitor if they are not on the same network as you are (your site / portal ). For same network users you can use something like this

- Hostname and IP Address : For you can use the following on the request object to log user hostname name and IP address :

string ip = Request.UserHostAddress;
string hostname = Request.UserHostName;

Log actual IP incase of VPN : Ok , this is not easy nor possible as of now. WebRTC was able to do something similar but most browsers don't allow it anymore. 


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