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I have been hanging out in Utopia P2P alot, and many users have acquired VPS/VDS for mining Cryptons and as CRP mining only utilizes very little resources, people started asking if we can use the same VPS for mining something else, let say Monero.

In this answer I will be explaining how to setup your VPS to mine Crypton and also Monero to make maximum use of your VPS
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Lets get started and setup our Linux VPS to mine us some Monero along with the usual Cryptons for Utopia (p.s. 1 CRP sells for $1 in the Utopia Ecosystem), How to setup Utopia mining is shared here

Monero Mining on Linux VPS Terminal Utopia

How to Mine Monero using MinerGate on Linux VPS Terminal

Follow the following procedure to start Mining Monero on your idle VPS

  • Register an account on MinerGate (Service like Nicehash can also work)
  • After registering, open your VPS terminal (puTTY etc) and login
  • I am assuming you are already using Utopia mining Bot so create a new screen session by typing in the terminal: screen -S monero
  • This will open a new screen session
  • Download XMRIG CPU Miner latest version by typing in the terminal: wget
  • once the above is downloaded extract the archive : tar -zxf xmrig-5.5.1-xenial-x64.tar.gz
  • Enter the directory : cd xmrig-5.5.1
  • To start the monero miner type following in terminal : ./xmrig -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUREMAIL -p x

Note: Take care that your replace YOUREMAIL with the email address you used for registering an account on MinerGate. Once done you will start mining and you can also verify that your miner is active on the MinerGate dashboard :)

Complete Demo Video is also available on YouTube where you can get better clarity of the procedure if something is a miss

Hope this Helps !!!!

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Thanks drhack for another very helpful article.
I have few questions.
1-How many softwares(E.g miner) can we run on one VM?
2-what are the chances of getting our account blocked by VPS provider?
3- How much Hashes can we expect?What specs are you using in your demo video?
4- Can you share other CPU minable coins which we can try other than monero?
1. as many as long as your system criteria is met
2. 1 of my vps got banned due to running a miner , you can google if you are host supports or not and read their terms of service if they havent explicitly mentioned that its not allowed to run miner you can run with no issues
3. Again depends on your specs and which miner you run , in demo video i am using 2gb ram with 1 cpu which is giving me 186-200 hashes
4. see the link given above for minergate, it has many other miners which can be mined on cpu based miners
Can we run multiple vps from one vps ,I want to do for mining
@Vickyg5 - no that is not possible
I did it before ,but after monero fork my script is not working anymore,u know about bash commands ,can you help me in that
you are talking about multiple terminals, you can always use multiple terminals through the "Screen" feature inside the terminal  , see this guide .. it will help you
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