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How to save CRYPTONS in case of system crash? Kindly share a guide of how to backup utopia container
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Extensive use of Utopia, that includes a lot of communication and file transfers, causes the Encrypted Container to grow in size substantially. Since the Encrypted Container is a solid encrypted structure, deleting files within your Encrypted Container will not reduce the overall size of the Container. The only solution is to Export the Database.

To Export the Database, select "File" > "Export Database".

Utopia - Export Database Menu

After exporting the database do not forget to delete the original Encrypted container.

Please select the path and name of your new Encrypted Container. Enter your current password. Enter the new password you would like to use for the new Encrypted Container. Make sure that you remember the new password. You may select the information you would like to export:

  • Contacts
  • uMails
  • Files
  • Contact messages
  • Channel messages

If you do not need some of this information, uncheck the corresponding checkboxes to reduce the overall size of the new Container.

To drastically reduce the size of your Encrypted Container, you may export only one element such as the contacts, uMails, files, contact messages or channel messages. This will lead to the unselected categories being left out of of new Encrypted Container.

The above backup will save all your uNS and CRP which you have on your account as this will be your new association with the Utopia p2p ecosystem

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