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I recently upgraded a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 due to Microsoft's end of support. Since I upgraded, however, I'm running into an annoying sporadic reboot issue. The computer in question will spontaneously restart every 30 minutes to 2 hours with a CRITICAL_SUPPORT_CORRUPTION (0x109) error. I've done an sfc /scannow, a chkdsk /f, and a dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth. All of those commands indicate no issues. This computer is a little dated (purchased in 2010) and I suspect it's a driver (parameter 4 of the BSOD dumps show 0x1c), but I can't figure out which one is causing it. I've viewed these dumps using Nirsoft BlueScreenView, and tried to look at the errors in Windows Event Viewer, but I can't see where the issue is. I've bundled the last 3 dumps and the MSInfo32 info at the following web address.  I read on your blog post that you can analyze these dumps. Any help would be appreciated as this has been driving me nuts all week.

Link to minidumps zip file

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, i will look into the dumps and provide feedback , meanwhile do bump this after few days so It is reminded to me :D
Thanks.  Will do.

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I am unable to access the dump files through the link that you have shared. It will be great if you can upload the dump files in OneDrive and share the link.


For further clarity on the issue, please respond to the questions below:


  1. Does the PC crashes while accessing a specific application or all the applications?

  2. What is the make and model of the PC?


Meanwhile, to identify whether the issue is caused by a Hardware, let’s try booting the PC in Safe Mode and see if the PC crashes. Refer the article Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10


If the PC is not crashing in Safe Mode, then try booting the PC in Clean Boot and see if the PC crashes while playing some game ?. Refer the article How to perform a clean boot in Windows


Performing a clean boot will start the computer with minimal set of drivers and programs, to determine whether a background program is causing the issue. Some of the Startup programs will not load after performing a clean boot on the computer. However, that functionality will return when you reset the computer to start normally after finishing the troubleshooting.


If the PC doesn’t crash after performing Clean Boot, then please refer the section How to determine what is causing the problem after you do a clean boot to identify the root cause of the issue.


Note: Please refer the section Reset the computer to start normally after clean boot troubleshooting to boot the computer in to normal mode after troubleshooting


Waiting for response !!!

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Thanks for your response.  I apologize that those files were not accessible. I do appreciate your feedback.  I think I ended up solving my problem, though.  I ran a memtest86 Sunday afternoon and the memory turned out good.  I downloaded DriverView from NirSoft and found some old AMD/ATI display drivers needed purging.  After running the AMD driver removal tool, my Blue Screen issues stopped.  The computer has been up for almost 48 hours now. Again, though, I appreciate your willingness to help.
Thats great ... you may mark the answer as correct for time being .. Hope you don't face any issues in future but you know Ask Techie! is here ;)
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