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War Selection - Game Hacks
Are there any game hacks for game War Selection , if so what all functions / features do they provide ? can one hack troops or fog of war or increase resources or do infinite health or something?
lastly just for testing sake , where can I find one?
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There are hacks for:

1. Fog of war. (It can help you to see the terrain/land around you)

2. Minimap hack:

       - Version 1 | This will let you see enemy townhall.

       - Version 2 | This will let you see everything of the enemy on minimap.

How to hack:

Download the files and put them in the folder mentione:

For minimap hack (init.lua) replace it with the file in: WarSelection>chache>scripts>new unit>interface>init.lua

For fog of war hack (newUnit.prj) replace it with the file in: WarSelection>Cache>Project>

You can download these in the following links: (Fog of war & Minimap Version 1) (Minimap Version 2)

You can download fog of war hack from first link, Minimap Hack: V1 from first or V2 from second.

Do let us know if the game updates because hack might stop working and we will need to update hack.

Additional Note for your knowledge: The values such as resources (food,wood, etc), troops, and other stuff is checked in the server. If you change any of these then server will detect this difference and it will disconnect you. You can chat with other players when disconnected but other players will not see any changes in your base and vice versa. For you they will be stuck on early stage and for them you will be stuck on older ages. (This disconnect applies to all RTS games)


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