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Website : Website or blog?
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First if all i would like to thank dr-hack for his unconditional services for all of us.

Dr-Hack , i want to start a medical online resource where i can publish articles and share  Related information .

So ,should i start a website or a blog?

Kindly suggest resources to start from?

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Thanks for the kind words. The sort of website you are looking for will be best suited on a Blog. You can either host your own blog or use a free one from wordpress.com (which will give you limited features but it will be free). Wordpress is the leading Blogging Software and will meet all sorts of requirements, it is highly customizable and suits all sorts of niches. Hackology Blog is based off Wordpress aswell.

if you want to host your own website and get a domain name etc it will give you greater flexibility while will not be free and have a little cost. Wordpress.org for downloading and hosting your own Blog

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