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My classmates are disturbing and teasing me. I block them but they make new IDs again and disturb me. I want to hack their facebook account in such way that their email and phone number should be wasted.It's too important.Please reply me
Lets take note of so many things before hiring an hacker! I have been in a really big mess in my relationship for a very long time now and I have been looking for a real and professional hacker to actually assist me in spying my fiances phone but none worked. Cheatershacker1gmail were the only hackers that took their time out to actually really assist me and I am really so excited. I needed to know what the man I was going to marry was actually really doing. Cheatershacker1gmail guided me and took their time out to make sure I get the best hacking services and made sure this was not traced back to me .
My fiancé worked with this new company in Amsterdam and always claimed he travelled for work but i have been morniting his cell phone for some months now with the help of Cheatershacker1gmail and I have been keeping all evidences.... my sister initially warned me about him but I was so In love I refused to listen... I have spent so much on downloading applications and contacting fake hackers but Cheatershacker1gmail played a very awesome role in opening my eye to the things I couldn’t see. My fiancé actually had three kids in amasterdam and was also paying child support with my savings!
No hacker work this way, [email protected] work differently she does her hack work very easily and no traces I can strongly comfirm that because she has hacked my wife phone and also my friend contacted her and he provided same service, netseverhack can hack all account, Facebook,whatsapp,Instagram,SMS and she also track call to records contact via [email protected]

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1. Go to Dark web, find a hacker and pay him to do your thing.

2. Report all the IDs to facebook.

3. Initiate FIR against your friends in the nearest Police Station.

4. Last but not the least start teasing and disturbing your friends, the way they do it to you.
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I think you should ignore them. don't give your attention to them , make them feel like you don't care about what they are doing.
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