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Does anyone know if the chat limit can be exceeded on YouTube in a live chat? I believe you can only send 6 messages in a row quickly. Wondering if anyone knows a way to get around that? Possibly a program or something? I made a spambot but it gets blocked.

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No, there is no way to bypass the limit, from your question it seems like you're trying to spam the chatbox, though it is not good, still I'll suggest to set a limit between each message maybe two seconds, this might help.
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I'm not actually looking to spam, it's for youtube live chat and sometimes they ask us to press buttons as fast as we can and they pick a winner. I can only seem to send 6 chats quickly at once. I thought creating a spambot would help but it did not. I see other people commenting non-stop and was wondering if they were using bots or something. I will just try to space out my comments and see if that helps. Thanks for your response guys.
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Although unethical - would advise not to abuse any system

But if I was doing something like you , I would simply run multiple sessions of chat bot which would run on different VPNs (RDP is even better) and all of them would have different messages

this would be the ONLY way to bypass the limit
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