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I've recently purchased bitcoins locally in pakistan. Now I'm confused, whether to keep them in wallet as BTC or buy IOTA? Which one is best and good investment. I'm complete noob and have invested A LOT in bitcoins. so afraid. 

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Not knowing your exact buy rate but as I write this BTC is making a correction (USD 13,951) but we all know that bitcoin always turn out well and beat the previous ATHs .although I am no expert but I would say to hold on for a while let BTC recover itself , as you will be able to get more IOTA from lesser BTCs when the price is high...

Now - IOTA is also on a climb but the weekly chart tells that the corrections are more compared to the rise .

Hold BTC , let it recover a bit and if you see IOTA rising exponentially you may jump and buy IOTA.

Currently you can buy IOTA only from Bitfinex , so you will need to transfer your btc to bitfinex and convert them to IOTA

Happy Trading !!!

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