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I think there is some issue either with the pool or with my end.

I have been mining continuously but since 2 days, my payment details at mining pool site didnt get updated netiher it shows that more payment has been generated.


That is my wallet ID. I am mining only at asiapool

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I think its mining all good , I just checked the stats , against your given wallet and it shows your last activity 41 minutes ago,with 262 ETN paid and under 1 pending (img : https://img.drhack.net/pt/25D6/drhack-etn.html )..

so the mining pool is working at your end :)

all sorted ?
Yeah it seems to be now, but i have no idea ...... cuz i think i should have at least 300 by now.
well that can not be worked out technically..if you can be sure about your hash rate and the running time of PC maybe you can calculate that
hi, im new at this mining thing.
Ive been mining at this asiapool for some time and im not receiving any ETN in my account.
I need help in understanding the delay faced for payment.
Following is my public mining address.

i just checked your wallet on asiapool.electroneum.com and you are doing great .
Right now you have 11 ETN unpaid , you will be paid when your unpaid amount becomes 20 ETN. As min payout is 20 ETN

keep mining
Thanks for quick reply and the encouragement. Ill keep mining on this pool until i reach 20 ETN.
I have the same problem but I have 31 ETN in my ending balance which is above the minimum amount for payment, and I have checked the payment history I can see that they have issued payment but I still did not recieve anything, can you assist please? thank you
hi,  following is the state of my mining on asiapool.

Pending Balance: 37.66 ETN
Total Paid: 0.00 ETN
Total Hashes Submitted: 96170451

Public key:

How do i check my payment history and when will i be paid?
they do daily payout ...so in few hours your amount will be credited and shown against "Total Paid " no issues

ps. Currently the Asia Pool of Electroneum is down for maintenance , so i couldnt check your wallet
@futureminer, i would request you start your own question ..anyway , which wallet address did you use ? are you using a wallet address of ETN manager or Paper Wallet ?
if you used a wallet address of some exchange , in that case you wont be paid you will need to use actual wallet address
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