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How do I upgrade the firmware of Sj6 Legend without removing my microSD from the action cam ? I do not have a memory card reader which supports a microSD Card. Can I upgrade the firmware by directly connecting the sj6 legend with the USB Cable ?
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At times , I get stuck with queries and i sort answers out - so will be using this platform to answer my own questions as it might help others aswell ;)

So I just bought SJCAM SJ6 Legend and its a beauty for the price.


I am still fiddling with it but just after opening it I had to upgrade the Firmware. A simple Google search got me to SJCAM website which explains the process being very simple 

To update the firmware use the following method:

  1. Turn off the camera and extract the memory card.
  2. Connect the memory card to the computer and format it under FAT32. If it is not formatted under FAT32, the update won't happen.
  3. Copy the attached files into the card (LD96660A.bin and SJ6CAM.bin)
  4. Insert the card into the camera
  5. Connect the camera to the wall charger and wait until the update process finishes (The lights will be blinking during the update)
  6. Once the camera is turned on, format the card again in Settings - Format, otherwise, the next time you turn on the camera the firmware will be reinstalled again.

Now, I have issues with Step 1 and Step 2, as i couldn't find my microSD card reader. Although SJCam has an Android App which allows for upgrading remotely , but for some reason it crashes every time I hit Settings, so lets try upgrading the Firmware without removing the microSD from SJ6 Legend .

Upgrade Sj6 Legend Firmware (Plug n Play Method)

  1. Turn Off SJ6 Legend
  2. Connect SJ6 Legend with USB cable and plug the other end in your machine
  3. Select "Mass Storage" on your SJ6 Legend when prompted
  4. Open the drive as it appears on your machine and select "Format" (a quick format works fine)
  5. Download the Latest Firmware  by downloading the 2 bin files.
  6. Copy the above downloaded bin files and paste them on the Mass storage of your SJ6 Legend
  7. Once copied , safely remove device from your machine
  8. Remove the USB cable from the sj6 legend
  9. Press the "Power" Button
  10. Your SJ6 Legend will start the light blink and flicker thing as it does for upgrading, let it do it for a while.
  11. Format your microSD Card from the settings, if you do not perform this step every time you will turn your SJ6 Legend it will again upgrade the firmware, we don't want that do we ? 


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