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worried about the wallet balance any way to keep a track on it?
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which pool you are using to mine ?
Currently the official blockexplorer of Electroneum is down , but you can see the stats  of your mining on particular pool..tell me your mining pool so i may tell you how you may about it
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OK I have managed to check the stats .
There is nothing in the pending balance but why?
before the balance gets finalized it stays in pending , and after the block gets mined in the pool its gets paid out
There are only 10 miners in my pool and the estimated duration of finding a block is 3 months I guess I have to stick  on it for 3 months besides that any idea how much ETN coins would I make by that time? Plus I am planning to swap the motherboard and get another gpu for it.
which pool are you mining on ? you can try
with the current difficulty a block gets found in hours if not a day
I was mining on now switched to Will I lose all the previous balance.
Checked my stats on and it shows 158 ETN paid how did that happen I have never mined on this pool. And when I check my stats of same wallet address on the pool that I was mining for whole day says 0 ETN pending and 0 ETN paid. SOOOO confusing.
that's interesting .. well tell me your wallet address  ?
well may be you were mining on hashparty pool ? otherwise 158 ETN is good so enjoy :P
Entered my address again and now it shows the real balance 2 ETN ;-) Any place to buy ETN coins that would be much cheaper thats what I think . I am making almost 2 ETN coins an hour. Whats your stats.
My wallet address -->
407 H/sec.. you have a good hash power ... keep mining ;)
you can buy from Cryptopia ( ) but i wouldn't recommend it as we do not know what happens when ETN iron out all their flaws, as their network is currently being re-programmed.
mining is another thing ...

mine isnt much , as I have just have my Rpi3 mining it ..
and please select the TICK on my answers, to select them as selected answers for your query.. on questions where you think you got your answer :)
no you wont lose your previous balance it will be in your wallet when we will get access mining pool can show its own balance only
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