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as requested Dr Hack, im opening a new thread for my question, I have 34 etn pending balance mining at and still did not paid me, I am using offline wallet from their website and here is my public key


Thank you

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Update 11 January 2018 :  Issue was indeed with Electroneum and they have discontinued their Mining Pools, the announcement has been made Here . ETN will be giving out pending payouts even if they have not hit the payout threshold , their statement for paying pending payout : 

Importantly, all pending coin transactions will be downloaded from each server and paid out manually. This has already been successfully exported from the Asia pool and we plan to pay out all coins, even below the payout threshold.


Since when it is pending ? again the asia pool is not working as it is DOWN , thus there can be delays.

Did you Sync your Offline Paper wallet with Blockchain ? Read the Answer : How to Sync your Offline Paper Wallet with Electroneum Blockchain

As asiapool of electroneum is down, I can not see that to help you much, if you can kindly let me know when it comes back online.meanwhile do sync your offline paper wallet

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Nothing from my previous wallet is in my account, now using directly the address of my online wallet still nothing paid.


In addition to that is down.
unfortunately asiapool is down i can not help as long as it is down
i dont know with the change of userprofiles i think you did get a pay out initially
did you sync you paper wallet ?
all this has scattered so much i can not even get the problem

initially you had payout issues , but you were paid later on

and now again the POOL is not paying you the whole amount stays in "Pending" ?????/

stop mining with the official pool until your issue is resolved, you can use some other pool
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